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Saas Based Human Risk Management Solution

  • Simulated Phishing and Spear Phishing
  • Reminders through Infographics posters
  • Interactive Reports
  • Human Cyber Resilience
  • Dark web credential exposer
  • Policy procedure awareness
  • Enhanced human risk monitoring
  • Enhanced learning platform
  • Single-Sign-On

Simulated Phishing

The goal of simulated phishing is to create awareness in employees so that they can identify and mitigate phishing attacks against the organization and its assets.  

Spear Phishing

InvinciOne enables you to conduct real-world spear phishing campaigns. This increases employees awareness of the risks posed by spear phishing and their confidence to identify such Threats.

Security Awareness Training

The goal of security awareness training is to help employees understand the importance of cybersecurity and their role in helping to protect the data and assets of their organization.

Human Cyber Resilience

InvinciOne assists organizations in mapping the effectiveness of employee security awareness trainings and building cyber resilience against Phishing, Password Attacks etc.

Dark web credential exposer

InvinciOne searches the dark web for instances of stolen or leaked credentials associated with specific organizations' employees. This information can be used deploy controls and awareness to avoid password compromise and disclosure in future.

Enhanced human risk monitoring

Enhanced human risk monitoring in a human risk management tool refers to the use of various techniques and technologies to evaluate the cyber risk to humans. It provides an effective platform for training your employees on human risk mitigation.

Policy procedure awareness

As part of the policy and procedure awareness component, employees are provided with a module that provides information about the policies and procedures of the organization to help them better understand the controls set by their organization.

Enhanced learning platform

In a human risk management tool, an enhanced learning platform refers to the use of technology to provide employees with interactive and engaging training and awareness programs.

Why Choose Us?

A one-of-a-kind solution that can help you in transforming your employees from the ‘weakest link’ into a strong human firewall.

InvinciOne works with organizations to create a cyber security awareness culture in which everyone understands their roles to achieve human cyber resilience.

  • Personalizing training to job roles
  • User Friendly Interface
  • Round the clock support


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