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Cloud Security Services


We assess various components within your organization's cloud environment to ensure they are configured securely, managed effectively, and compliant with policies.

Cloud Security Services

Types of audits we do

Cloud Data Protection Audit
Cloud Data Protection Audit

Assessing how your sensitive data is handled and protected within the cloud environment.

Cloud Compliance Audit
Cloud Compliance Audit

Evaluating the cloud components' compliance with relevant regulations, industry standards, and organizational policies.

Resilience and Disaster Recovery
Resilience and Disaster Recovery

Reviewing the resilience and disaster recovery capabilities of cloud components to ensure business continuity during disruptions or outages.

Cloud DevSecops Audit
Cloud DevSecops Audit

Reviewing, auditing, and scanning the code across every stage till software delivery.

What do we deliver?

  • Comprehensive assessment reports outlining discovered vulnerabilities.
  • Prioritized list of vulnerabilities based on severity and impact.
  • Detailed recommendations for remediation and risk reduction.
  • Supporting evidence, such as code snippets or proof-of-concept exploits.
  • Ongoing support and guidance for implementing security improvements.

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Benefits you will see

  • Prevent Data Breaches
  • Protect Brand Reputation
  • Meet Regulatory Requirements
  • Win Over Customers' Trust
  • Future-proof Your Business

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